Thursday, 23 June 2016

A Day Out to Whitby

On Monday, myself, my best friend Skye and her boyfriend decided to embark upon an 'adventure' to Whitby; the seaside town of the British east coast, within North Yorkshire.

All in all, a fantastic day was had - on my part, anyhow. Though initially met with notably dull weather en route, beautiful sunshine was soon to follow upon arrival. We had originally intended to have a picnic, but as the day progressed we opted to, rather, spend its majority wandering throughout.

Once we'd finally found somewhere to park - having driven in circles for a good few minutes - we came across the Dracula Experience; surprisingly finding myself not to be frightened by the utter darkness and odd cardboard character to make a sudden appearance.

The pier that we walked along was more of a fear-inducing element of the trip to me - as the gaps between the wooden planks gaped too widely for my liking. I'm sure most felt slightly reluctant and insecure when walking along it; though it did provide a photogenic scene of the sea at the end. Our walk along it also enabled us to come across a replica of the HMS Endeavour - with the original having been sailed by Captain James Cook in 1768 (so, quite a while ago - really).

Our further wanders took us along to Whitby Abbey - up 198 steps from the ground. Though the ascent was rather tiring - and the initial greeting of a graveyard a setting slightly ominous - I found the scene spectacular across the sea. We didn't actually get to looking around the abbey and exploring its history - a short pit stop on the grass outside did suffice.

It was only then that we actually reached the beach - following a short look around the amusements. Though the tide had come in, Skye did try her best to make the most of things - seemingly risking her own life in entering the truly freezing water.

Have you done anything special recently? Feel free to let me know in the comments below (I'm sure that rhymes)!



  1. Looks like a lot of FUN! I do not do freezing cold water I don't know how your friend did it. Take care Kate! It was good hearing from you again

  2. Sounds like you had a brilliant day! The photos look really cool, especially the one of all the houses with the red roofs. I agree with the comment above me: cold water and myself do not mix. Hope the rest of your week is as good as that day!